Is the Grass Always Greener?

You’re heard the saying, “The grass is always greener (on the other side of the fence.)”  I’ve thought this several times in my life.  Maybe you have, too.  When we get bored, or frustrated, or disillusioned---we decide to leave where we are and go somewhere else. 


There is a current movement called “Mindfulness”. It is the practice of living in the moment, being aware of what’s going on around us, paying attention to the “Now” instead of the future. The frenetic pace of modern living has forced us always to be thinking ahead, planning for the future, preparing for what is to come. As a result we don’t truly “live” in this moment.


Recently someone called my attention to the Serenity Prayer which most of us know and have prayed:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And the wisdom to know the difference.